The Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine emphasizes the importance of discovery and innovation in the process of learning and in helping patients. Through partnerships with clinical services and laboratories within Northwell Health and externally, our faculty and students are engaged in all forms of collaborative research, in particular, investigations involving the underlying biological process of disease for use in the development of new therapies and diagnostics.

Chemistry Research in Berliner Hall

All medical students benefit from the extensive resources of the School of Medicine, The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in a collaboration that equips students for the accelerating pace of medical research and scientific discovery in the years ahead.

Our affiliation and faculty connection to both The Feinstein Institute and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory offer unlimited opportunities to all of our students to conduct basic and translational investigations in areas such as immunology, bioelectronic medicine, neuroscience, cancer biology, genetics, and genomes.

  • Each year, the School of Medicine admits four MD/PhD students who, over seven to eight years, complete both the MD degree program requirements and the requirements for awarding of the PhD in the Molecular Basis of Medicine.
  • Approximately 70 percent of students engage in research during the summer after their first year of study, and nearly 100 percent do so by graduation.

Students engage in research projects, locally and overseas, that cover a wide range of health issues. Many partner with top research investigators from The Feinstein Institute, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and other areas of Northwell Health, while others travel abroad to work on public health projects, such as studying health issues of Haitian workers in the Dominican Republic.

The School of Medicine hosts also hosts an annual Scholarship Day to showcase and disseminate new knowledge contributed by medical students of all years of study who participated in summer research activities. Students engaged in investigative studies are guided from start to finish by School of Medicine faculty mentors. In fact, Zucker medical students alongside faculty have been critical collaborators the development of cutting-edge innovations.

Office of

Medical Student Research

The OMSR was developed to aid students in carrying out successful research of varying forms. This centralized platform aims to help students engage in meaningful approaches to research in collaboration with scientists and doctors from the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, Northwell Health, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory research cohorts—forging an intellectual exchange and solid teamwork skillset that will surely prove to be valuable in the careers of our medical school's future physician-scientists. 

Research Opportunities

Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell students work with leading clinician-scientists in a variety of research settings and institutions. These include Northwell Health clinics and our vital partnerships with Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. At the Zucker School of Medicine, students have the opportunity to choose from many different types of basic, translation, and clinical research projects.