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Annual Hosted Conferences

The Office of Student Affairs encourages student organizations to interact with members of the medical education community outside of Zucker School of Medicine. Along with encouragement comes involvement in both regional and national organizations. If student leaders wish to host a regional or national event at the School of Medicine, they are expected to follow the guidelines listed below.

Students are required to meet with the Office of Student Affairs and Office of Operations prior to committing to any outside event. Once approved, the Office of Student Affairs will work with student organizations to insure all legal and operational requirements are in place prior to committing to hosting the event. Students planning to apply to be a conference host should be aware that the student organization will be responsible for providing volunteers, support and event management with the assistance of the Office of Student Affairs.


A description of the School of Medicine and its facilities can be found here. Students should be prepared to ask the following questions when determining if the School of Medicine has the physical capabilities to host an event.
  • How many guests typically attend this event?
  • How many conference committee members and volunteers typically help plan this event?
  • What is the maximum & minimum number of guests that need to be in a space at any given time? (For example, how many guests should be accounted for during opening & closing sessions?)
  • What audio visual equipment is needed (minimum) to insure this event is a success?


The Zucker School of Medicine is committed to ensuring that outside events do not conflict with the educational environment or experience of the student body. Students should be prepared to ask the following questions when determining if the School of Medicine is available to host the event.
  • What are the planned date(s) and times) of this event? Please ask for two additional dates and times.
  • Please provide past budgets (past two years) for this event.
  • Please provide the program (past two years & anticipated) for this event.
  • Are there costs or resources that the host institution is expected to cover at no cost? Please provide a list.
  • Are there legal agreements that the regional or national organization requires the host organization?

After all of this information has been collected, students should reach out to the Office of Student Affairs to begin the approval process. The Office of Student Affairs will work with the student organizations and the Office of Operations to manage event logistics.

Past Conferences

  • Northeastern Emergency Medicine Conference (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)
  • SNMA Regional Conference (2015)
  • PM&R Regional Conference (2015)
  • LMSA National Conference (2017)