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Faculty Development

In partnership with the Office of Faculty Affairs at the ZSOM, we support our faculty, both as individuals and as members of ZSOM and Northwell Health academic departments, to ensure maximum satisfaction in their roles as educators. Most of our faculty development programs focus on supporting and enhancing faculty knowledge and skills specific to health professions education. Specifically, our professional development programs offer education in the areas of curriculum development, teaching and learning, assessment, leadership, and research and scholarship. Programs offer assistance with a range of skills and activities to support the pillars of health professions education. In addition we offer programs that support career planning/mentoring, grant writing, presentation skills, scholarship/publishing, and address skills needed to be successful in diverse education settings across ZSOM and Northwell Health.


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Northwell Launches New App Through Apple to Deliver Teaching Tips to Trainees and Faculty

Northwell Health’s Office of Academic Affairs announced today that it has launched its Just in Time Teaching Tools app to aid in the advancement of medical education knowledge and teaching skills of students, trainees and faculty. The app is now available in the Apple Store. The new app uses the Just-in-time teaching (JiTT) model – a pedagogical approach that involves close interaction between instructors and their classrooms – to better provide timely and relevant teaching tips to trainees and faculty who need to actively engage with their instructors, specifically for those in the patient care setting... Read More...

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Evidence-based active learning online | Read More |

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