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MD Program

Educaton FOW

Graduation Requirements

First 100 Weeks

Year 1

From the Person to the Professional: Challenges, Privileges, and Responsibilities (CPR) – 8 weeks
The Biologic Imperative (BI) – 12 weeks
Continuity and Change: Fueling the Body (FTB) – 11 weeks
Continuity and Change: Homeostasis (HOM) – 12 weeks

Year 2

Interacting with the Environment (IE) – 8 weeks
Host Microbe Interactions (HMI) – 8 weeks
Human Condition (HC) – 12 weeks
Transitions – 2 weeks
Students must pass the USMLE Step 1 exam to advance to Year 3.

Second 100 Weeks

Year 3

Clerkships (graded on a H, HP, P, F scale):
Medicine – 8 weeks
Surgery – 6 weeks
Obstetrics and Gynecology – 6 weeks
Psychiatry – 6 weeks
Neurology – 6 weeks
Other required components (graded P or F):
Continuity Clinic (Medicine or Pediatrics) – 6 months
Additionally, students must complete two two-week selectives, which are graded P or F.

Year 4

Three Acting Internships (AIs) (graded on a H, HP, P, F scale)

  • 1 Medicine or Pediatrics
  • 1 Emergency Medicine
  • 1 Critical Care

Twenty weeks of elective time (graded on a P/F scale). Types of electives include:

  • Research elective (Ex. EL Medicine: Research)
  • External elective (Ex. EL Medicine: External)
  • Global external elective (Ex. EL Global: Uganda)
  • Students may elect to take an additional acting internship for elective credit. This acting internship would be graded on a H, HP, P or F scale.  

MD/PhD students are required to complete:

  • Two AIs (graded on a H, HP, P, F scale)
    • 1 Medicine or Pediatrics
    • 1 Emergency Medicine or Critical Care
  • Eight weeks of elective time.
Students are required to sit for the USMLE Step 2 CK and CS prior to graduation.
For more information on the grading policy, please visit: