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Office of Career Advisement

First 100 Weeks

Throughout the first two years of medical school, the Office of Career Advisement, in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs, helps students explore options for their future as physicians. During this time, students are introduced to tools available through Careers in Medicine to help them identify specialty areas of interest. In addition, students are advised on options for how to spend the summer between the first and second years of medical school to enhance their experiences in preparation for future careers. Prior to the end of the second year, students meet with their career advisors to discuss individualized third year schedules.

  1. Medical Specialty Preference Inventory
  2. Physician Values in Practice Scale
  3. Personality Assessment
  4. Summer Research

Second 100 Weeks

In the second half of medical school, the Office of Career Advising works with third and fourth year students to help prepare for residency. Students and career advisors will meet regularly to discuss which specialities students are interested in. Using tools provided by AAMC's Careers in Medicine site, career advisors will help guide students when choosing a specialty for their future.